Rooms To Clean Cleaning Process

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The process of cleaning used by ourselves is as follows:

The machinery used in the cleaning is manufactured especially for professional and commercial use. It uses the process of Hot Water Extraction not to be confused with steam or dry cleaning methods which are both the less effective methods of cleaning. In short this means that it has the ability to clean to the very base of the pile not just the tip.

It then scrubs and agitates the pile then removes ground and stepped in dirt and then extracts, using a high powered dual vacuums the chemical and water solutions. This works particularly well on high traffic areas where the pile has become flattened and food or beverages may have been spilled.

We would then dry any carpets and upholstery with a cold air dryer. We favour the cold air drying method because hot air drying has been known to cause shrinkage.

This whole process means that over a period of time the carpet will stay cleaner for longer and the build up of dirt remains at a minimum.

In addition to the above we can also guarantee that almost all stains will be removed. Ground in chewing gum can be easily removed using different chemicals that will not harm the carpet underneath. We also provided a range of leather cleaners and conditioning creams at your request.


One of our industrial dryers



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